How Fringe may change now that Seth Gabel is a series regular

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:51 PM EST

If you're anything like us, you're suffering big-time Fringe withdrawal after last Friday's season finale. But we just heard some major casting news that took some of the edge off as we look ahead to next season.

Our favorite alt-universe agent, Lincoln Lee (Seth Gabel) has just been promoted. Gabel has been bumped to series regular, which means there'll be even alternate-drama!

Like Olivia, Walternate, Astrid and everyone else on the show, there are two versions of Lee. There's one that's a member of the Fringe division "over there," and there's the FBI bookworm we saw back in March. We're pretty sure Alt-Lee is the version we'll see the most of next season.

As you may remember from the finale [*spoilers ahead*], Peter created a bridge between the two worlds, which brought Olivia/Fauxlivia and Walter/Walternate face to face. We were left with the impression that they were going to work together to create a balance between the universes. Since Lee is the head of the Fringe division over there and Broyles is the head over here, it only makes sense that he'd get in on the action.

Where are the writers going with this? How will Broyles and Lee interact? He's his dead alternate's replacement (awkward). And what about the lingering feelings that Lee has for Fauxlivia that were briefly touched on when she returned to the other side? With Peter out of the picture (or forgotten, who knows?), those two could finally get together.

Last but not least, with Lee on full-time, does that mean Charlie Francis (Kirk Acevedo) isn't too far behind? There are so many directions they could go in for next season. The possibilities are endless!

Are you psyched about Gabel's full-time status? What do you think could happen next?

(via TV Line)

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