Fringe's 1st Friday night episode an inside joke for Firefly fans

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Dec 14, 2012

When it was announced Fringe would be moving to Friday nights, fans feared the worst, while the producers of the show tried to spin the news in their favor, calling it a GOOD thing.

But as the title the creators gave the series' first Friday night episode shows, they're well aware of why that night of the week has become known as the place TV goes to die.

The title—which was revealed at the same time it was announced that the show would start airing Friday nights on Jan. 21, one week earlier than we were told previously—will be ...

(Get ready for it.)

... "Firefly."

(Get it?)

Firefly is but one of many series supposedly deep-sixed by the cursed Friday night "death slot," and the fact the writers gave a nod to one of the previous scheduling victims shows they recognize the challenge they're in for.

There doesn't seem to be any other Firefly homage in the episode—which has Christopher Lloyd guest-starring as one of Walter Bishop's musical heroes—but you know we'll be watching to make sure!

(via HitFix)