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From a Buick 8 the latest Stephen King book to get adapted for the screen

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Jul 23, 2018, 3:26 PM EDT

The march to adapt pretty much every single story Stephen King has ever published continues this week, with From a Buick 8 the latest title to get the green light.

Deadline reports that King's novel about a car that acts as a portal to another dimension has been picked up by a production company called Hyde Park Entertainment, with William Brent Bell slated to write and direct the picture. Bell's credits include Stay Alive, The Devil Inside and The Boy, so he knows his way around the horror genre.

King's 2002 book was centered around a 1954 Buick Roadmaster, which is kept in a shed behind the Statler, Pennsylvania state police barracks for more than 20 years after being abandoned at a gas station by a now-missing driver.

The car is not actually a working automobile, as it turns out, since the steering wheel doesn't move, the ignition wires lead nowhere and the engine contains no moving parts. The car also "heals" itself whenever damage is inflicted on it. Several people have also vanished in its vicinity, and it occasionally gives off unearthly purple lights that leave strange plants and creatures behind.

The car's history is recounted in the book by members of the police, who tell the story to the son of another officer that was killed by a drunk driver. When that driver turns out to be the gas station attendant who first reported the appearance of the car, the son decides that the Buick had something to do with his father's death and plans revenge.

From a Buick 8 was King's second novel about a haunted car — the first, of course, being Christine. Strangely enough, both books are set in western Pennsylvania instead of King's usual Maine surroundings.

George A. Romero was once slated to direct a screen version of From a Buick 8 back in 2005, but that never came to pass and Tobe Hooper eventually replaced Romero as the director, although the project never got past the development stage due to financing issues.

As noted above, the King adaptation train has been moving at full speed in recent months, with the huge success of 2017's It opening the floodgates for a river of upcoming film and TV projects, including Pet Sematary, The Tommyknockers, a possible Amazon continuation/reboot of The Dark Tower, Castle Rock, Firestarter, Doctor Sleep and many more.

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