From Jumanji to Hook: Remembering Robin Williams' 12 greatest genre performances

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Aug 12, 2014, 8:43 AM EDT

Legendary actor Robin Williams died tragically Monday evening, but the 63-year-old comedy genius leaves behind an immense catalog of classic performances that we’ll never forget.

Though he’s racked up award nominations and iconic roles in virtually every genre, Williams also left an indelible mark on the science fiction and fantasy genres. From Jumanji to The Final Cut, you could spend days just watching his movies and crying, laughing, then crying a bit more now that he’s gone.

Of course, that’s without even touching on non-genre classics like Dead Poets Society and Good Morning, Vietnam. Williams' passing is all the more heartbreaking when you realize he was still in his comedy prime. He co-starred in the surprisingly touching sitcom The Crazy Ones last season, and he leaves behind a staggering four films posthumously in the can, set for scattered release later this year.

In honor of Williams’ life, we’ve pulled together a dozen of his most memorable genre roles, along with some heartfelt reactions from his friends and colleagues. R.I.P., here’s hoping you’ve finally found some peace.