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From manga to musicals, 4 other ways to experience Sailor Moon

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Nov 19, 2018, 12:00 PM EST

What do you do when you've seen every single episode of Sailor Moon? You strike out in search of more, of course. You read every volume of the manga, pore over the Mixx translations, read the re-released versions, and then make sure you've seen all the movies and specials, including Ami's First Love. And then, if you didn't spend hours of your life online perusing the "Save Our Sailors" online petition looking for more of the show so you could devour all the media surrounding it, you look to this article for advice.

So, where do you go after Sailor Moon? You watch more Sailor Moon, of course. Here are some of the projects you may not have known about in the Sailor Moon world that are well worth your time, even if you pride yourself on having seen every last episode of the legendary shoujo series. 

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Sera Myu - Group Shot

Sera Myu Musicals

Your first stop after devouring the Sailor Moon anime series should naturally be the series of live theatrical productions of the show known as Sera Myu. Currently, there are 31 different musicals that have been performed over 800 times since they began back in 1993. Several follow similar themes to the anime, while many of them feature new and exciting stories within the same universe. A rotating cast, catchy songs, and elaborate stage shows mark the Sera Myu series, and it's a delightful way to get more of your favorite characters, drama, and transformations while enjoying the atmosphere of a stage show. Plus, there are tons recorded and available on YouTube for your viewing pleasure! 

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Live Action

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

The live-action Sailor Moon goodness didn't stop with Sera Myu musicals. No, in fact, there's an entire retelling of much of the first two seasons of Sailor Moon in the live-action tokusatsu series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. It may be corny and low-budget, but it's got much of what you love about the show in the first place to sate your appetite for all things Moon Prism Power, Make Up! The uplifting theme "Sailor Diamonds" and the ridiculously catchy idol song "C'est La Vie" will drill into your head nearly immediately, and Usagi's infectious positivity in this format has to be seen to be believed, as do the awful effects and cringeworthy dialogue at times. But with all that said, it's a fun romp that you should check out, especially if you're a big tokusatsu fan in the first place. 

Sailor Stars Dub

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Fandub

Unfortunately, the original cast from the first Sailor Moon broadcast dub from DiC didn't end up dubbing the entirety of the series. Neither did the second round of voice actors from Cloverway, that finally answered our Moonie prayers of bringing more of the show west so we could see the rest of Sailor Moon in Sailor Moon S and Sailor Moon SuperS. Sailor Moon Stars hasn't officially been dubbed yet, though it's in the works, but one talented group of fans at Fighter4LuvDubs has been hard at work dubbing and editing the show to look and sound like the classic DiC version, down to the fun "Sailor Says" segments. Support their work and give them a look, as these voices and edits are 100% on point. 

Sailor Moon Another Story

Sailor Moon: Another Story

There were several Sailor Moon games in the series' heyday, and even though all we've gotten with Sailor Moon Crystal have been a few lame mobile games, there was one back in the days of the Super Nintendo that blew the rest away. Sailor Moon: Another Story is an RPG that never got an official English translation, but a group of talented fans took it upon themselves to do the hard work and release it to all the Western Moonies out there. As such, it tells an alternate Sailor Moon story that's just as gripping as watching the actual show. There's even a fan sequel made with RPG Maker that adds new sailor soldiers, a new story, attacks, transformations, and more. Ever fantasized about being in Sailor Moon? This is about as close as you can get for now.