From Within co-star Jared Harris on the film's curse

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Dec 14, 2012

Jared Harris told SCI FI Wire that he's awaiting the DVD release of his supernatural horror film From Within, about a curse on a small town.

SCI FI Wire got the details during an e-mail interview recently; following are excerpts from our exclusive conversation. (Spoilers ahead!)

What's the setup of From Within, and what do you play?

Harris: It is an indie horror movie produced by a friend of mine, Adrian Butchart. It is set in small-town America and deals with a curse that is unleashed upon the town in retribution for the lynch-mob killing of a local woman they believed to be a witch. The curse is a suicide curse, which causes the cursed to believe they are being stalked and then hunted by an evil version of themselves. When you die, it leaps to the next person. I play Rumer Willis' father and one of the first to go.

How much of a supernatural tale is it? And how violent does it get?

Harris: It is a supernatural tale, but also a teenage love story about trying to fit in. I think it scores a respectable mid-range score of five on the widely accepted "Peckinpah" scale of screen violence.

What's happening with From Within?

Harris: From Within came out as part of the "After Dark: 8 Films to Die For" series in January, which was woefully underpromoted. It played on 80 screens in 35 cities for a week. But that fact seems to have been a well-kept secret. Lionsgate will release the DVD in March [31]. It is being released in all other territories in the world theatrically, except the U.K., where it is only being released on DVD.

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