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New trailer for Frozen II questions the past, plunges into the unknown

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Jun 11, 2019, 9:28 AM EDT (Updated)

Feel that chill in the air? Don't worry, there's no need to unpack your winter sweaters in the middle of June. It's just the release of the second trailer for Disney's Frozen II!

In the sequel to one of the studio's biggest animated musical hits since The Lion King, Anna (Kristen Bell) and Elsa (Idina Menzel) embark on an adventure beyond the borders of Arendelle. Along for the ride are Kristoff (Jonathan Groff), his reliable reindeer Sven, and everyone's favorite snowman, Olaf (Josh Gad). Santino Fontana also returns to voice Prince Hans, the antagonist of the first movie in 2013.

Afraid of her snow-creating abilities in the first film, Elsa must now rely on them this time around in order to save the day. That scene of her trying to freeze an entire ocean in the initial trailer from February (featured in this new teaser, too) proves that she's now honing the scope and breadth of her unique powers. Speaking of which, this movie may give us an explanation of where her talents originated from.

Watch the trailer now:

Watery horses and wandering giants look to make Frozen II a darker and more intense adventure for fans of the first ubiquitous film. The visuals look like they got an upgrade as well, with plenty of shadow giving an additional edge to the tundra that faces both familiar and new must navigate. Moreover, the magical trolls who raised Kristoff are back and making Elsa question her past as well as sending her north on an epic quest to find the truth "across the enchanted lands and into the unknown." Said trolls, as you probably remember, both healed Elsa and wiped her memories when she was a child.

Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee reprise their roles as co-directors for Frozen II, which recruited Evan Rachel Wood (Westworld) and Sterling K. Brown (The Predator) to voice never-before-seen characters. We'll also be getting brand-new songs, courtesy of the Oscar-winning duo of Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez.

Check out the new poster below:

Frozen 2 poster

Credit: Disney

Written by Allison Schroeder (Hidden FiguresChristopher Robin) the highly-anticipated cinematic follow-up blows into theaters everywhere Nov. 22.