'Fuel for the Fire' reveals hints about Yeager's past in Star Wars Resistance

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Oct 22, 2018, 4:38 PM EDT (Updated)

Kaz meets Jace Rucklin, a sky racer, who distracts him from his work as a mechanic (and gets him into a spot of trouble) in this latest episode of Star Wars Resistance, “Fuel for the Fire.” Kaz also learns a little more about Yeager’s past, leading to questions about how he fits in with the Resistance.

Preeti: Questions indeed — we’ll get to plot, but the battle of Jakku???

Swapna: I mean, in some ways it was inevitable, but I gasped at the reveal nonetheless. Sometimes it’s easy to forget what time frame you’re in with Star Wars because so much of it takes place before the end of the original trilogy. This was a firm reminder that the Battle of Jakku, which we still all have some questions about because we’ve only really seen it depicted in Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath trilogy, is old history for Resistance.

Preeti: It was a nice call-out for the other ways in which you can get Star Wars story, but I haven’t read the Aftermath trilogy yet and so I was even more surprised by the reveal of Yeager’s past. Kaz’s response makes me want more, though. He said "Jakku" like I would have said "Endor."

Swapna: Yep, there are still a lot of questions floating around about the kids who grew up post-Endor and their relationship/what they know about the Battle of Jakku and the Rebellion. I’m really looking forward to learning more about it through Kaz.

Preeti: So, I have to say, despite the presence of our favorite LotR alum (OK, they’re all our favorites), this episode wasn’t the follow up I’d hoped for after last week.

Swapna: Agreed. This felt more like a mid-season filler episode. It was revisiting character traits and reputation issues that we’d already established in the pilot and the latest episode.

Preeti: Exactly. I would have expected this to show up a little later in the season as well. After the bomb dropped at the end of Episode 3, I thought they’d go light on reveals and plot, but this one did feel rather repetitive. At least give us a little more development in the relationship between Kaz and Yeager than "You’re a good person." I would also like to get more development for the rest of their little team. We know a bit about Neeku and his traits, but I’d really like to learn more about Tam.

Swapna: Yes! And I feel like we’re getting a little hammered over the head with the idea that Kaz is a screw-up. I get it, and I do love the goofiness, but I want to see development and forward progress.

Preeti: I did laugh out loud at the end tag of him losing the tools over the side of the base again, not going to lie. I also realize that this is a children’s animated television show, and so maybe needs to reiterate these traits a few more times for the younger viewers, but the balance felt off here.  


Swapna: Is it a children’s television show though? That’s something I’ve been trying to figure out, who this is aimed at. On one hand, it’s a cartoon and it’s on the Disney Channel. On the other, it airs at 10 PM ET?!?

But I agree. The balance in this episode was heavily skewed towards storytelling for a younger audience, but I’m hungry for some character/plot/overarching story development.

Preeti: The time slot really throws me, because tonally the show is so young. (Although, arguably, both Clone Wars and Rebels started out feeling younger as well). All of that said, one thing I did enjoy about this episode was how much Elijah Wood clearly loves playing a jerk.

Swapna: MY ELIJAH WOOD. When he showed up with those piercing green eyes and that bad boy white hair, you immediately knew that he was Bad News Bears (Bad News Hobbit?)

Preeti: Excuse me, *OUR* Elijah Wood, I think you mean. And yes! You know he’s bad news from the start with how eagerly he approaches our wayward spy. I appreciated the decision to have him blame Kaz through to the end, allowing for him to stay a jerk rather than be reformed in 22 minutes.

Swapna: I totally agree. It sets up kind of a frenemy for the series, in case OUR Elijah decides to come back for another guest spot, and it also avoids the heavy-handed moralizing. Kaz really stood up for himself in that end scene, which was gratifying to see.

Preeti: Also gratifying: my hero, BB-8! I’m not sure the physics of BB-8 saving Kaz and Rucklin made sense, but as usual with Star Wars, I didn’t really care. Just cared that our lil' guy got to save the day.

Swapna: Yes! I love the way BB-8 has really taken his mission to heart and is looking out for Kaz. I know the mechanic job is a drag for Kaz, but I hope he starts to adjust to his cover story. It’s...pretty obvious right now that he’s not much of a mechanic.

Preeti: Agreed. I can’t take too many more conversations between him and Yeager about how he’s not a mechanic! But he needs to pretend! But he’s not good at it!

Swapna: And actually, that’s something I do like about Kaz — his earnestness means that he’s going to pursue his mission his own way. He’s not your typical spy, and he’s not good at lying. I think that’s a good thing.

Preeti: It will give us a chance to get a new version of the spy story. I’m looking forward to it!

Swapna: Me too!

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