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Apr 22, 2007

One of my favorite things to do in the whole world is to give public talks about astronomy. It's not a big secret that I love love love this stuff, and as much fun as it is to write about astronomy, there's just more connectiveness, more immediacy, more intimacy, with standing up in front of a crowd and showing them astronomy.

I'd give talks every week if I could, and there have been many times I've done four in one day. With my loaded work schedule, however, it's always been tough.

But hey, wait a sec -- soon I'll be a full time writer. I won't have the daily 8 a.m. - to - 6 p.m. grind of a day job (just the 7 a.m. - to - midnight grind of publisher deadlines, aiiie aiiieee aiieeeeee!). I'll be free to travel whenever I want and give talks!

So I am announcing this to world: let me talk. I want to travel around, I want to talk about astronomy, I want to teach people about critical thinking and skepticism and science and use lots of run-on sentences. I want to excite people and infect them with the love I have of science.

To make this easier on the kinds of people who need the info, I have created a Bad Astronomy Public Relations Kit (it's on the left hand menu on the blog and the main site). It has information about my talks (with glowing testimonials from people who have invited me in the past, like James Randi!), my history, pictures, and videos, including a clip from a talk I gave at Adrian College in Michigan about the Face on Mars. That's a fun one.

If you are at a museum, college, or some other venue where you have invited talks, then drop me a line (contact info is provided as well)!

Let me talk! I have a lot of stuff I want to say.

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