This full-size, 3D printed Stargate replica took 1,000 hours to build

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Sep 2, 2016, 11:12 AM EDT (Updated)

It’s amazing how far consumer-level 3D printing technology has come over the past few years, and while it might eventually help astronauts reach Mars and make the world a better place — it can also be used to build Stargates. Like, full-on, life-size Stargates.

Digital Trends reports that a life-size, 3D printed Stargate has been built at Belgium’s Musée royal de Mariemont, apparently as part of a larger exhibit called From Stargate to Comics: The Egyptian Gods in the geek culture (which sounds awesome anyway). The museum commissioned 3D-printing studio Vigo Universal to create the 20-foot replica (event horizon sold separately). 

To pull it off, the team 3D-printed more than 2,000 parts, had to conduct 10,000 cuttings and spent 1,000 man-hours putting the entire rig together. They also did all this working from TV and movie images for reference, with no legit plans to follow. The finished product is positively stunning, and essentially looks like it’s just waiting for someone to start spinning it and locking in chevrons.

Check out the making-of video below, and be jealous. Be very, very jealous.


(Via Digital Trends)