Full-sized Millennium Falcon (or at least half of it) seen in aerial pics of Star Wars 7 set

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Sep 11, 2014

Some people will go to any lengths to nab photos from the set of Star Wars Episode VII.

Ironically, however, that's not what Matthew Myatt had in mind when he snapped the photo below. According to Sky News, Myatt was taking aerial photos of the English countryside for stock use by a flying school when he came upon this at the RAF Greenham Common, a former British air force station in Berkshire:

Yes, that's a half-constructed Millennium Falcon, alongside an X-wing fighter covered by a tarp. It's hard to say whether they're both full-sized or if the X-wing is the same one seen next to director J.J. Abrams in this recent video, but there's no mistaking those distinctive designs.

Meanwhile, another ambitious pilot also flew over the station, this time snapping it from a different angle and getting some video as well (see clip below):

More fighters are visible from this view, making it seem like the station is being used as some sort of base for whoever is driving those X-wings and the Falcon. Is it members of what was once known as the rebel alliance, still battling remnants of the Empire 30 years later?

Star Wars Episode VII comes out Dec. 18, 2015.

(via Slashfilm)

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