Full trailer for Penny Dreadful S2 teases a bloodbath, and hell on Earth

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Jan 13, 2015, 11:56 AM EST

If you're not watching Showtime's Penny Dreadful, you should really start. The second season begins in April, so you have plenty of time to binge on the previous eight episodes. 

Monday, Showtime released the first full trailer for season two. It features the return of all the usual suspects, including a new proper villain. At yesterday's TCA (Television Critics Association) panel, creator John Logan described himself as "a total monster geek" as he teased what's to come. 

“This season, we embrace witchcraft,” Logan revealed. They'll also embrace actress Helen McCrory and her character Evelyn Poole, aka Madame Kali, who made several brief appearances last season. She's a mysterious woman whose true nature is hidden beneath a polite smile. 

“I don’t believe in villains and heroes," Logan explained. "You think Evelyn is a villain, but she’s more of an antagonist. She has a noble calling even though it runs counter to Sir Malcolm’s [Timothy Dalton]. She might think she’s on the side of the angels, even though she’s on the side of the devils."

Check out the new trailer below:

 Penny Dreadful returns April 26 on Showtime. 

(via Deadline)