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A fun Star Trek riff takes a chilling turn in the latest Legends of Tomorrow

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Mar 4, 2016

Spoilers ahead for “Marooned,” the latest episode of The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow!

This show is not afraid to go all-out with a fun homage, and the writers made it obvious from the word go that we’d be seeing fun riffs on classic sci-fi ideas. This week: space adventure!

Long story short: The team goes to help out another time ship, the Acheron, after they receive a distress call. The ship has been overrun by space pirates, and Rip’s boarding crew is quickly ambushed. Things get interesting when Mick Rory, who is still sore about Snart knocking him out and taking him out of the criminal’s paradise that was future Star City, cuts a deal with the enemy.

Rory brings a boarding party of pirates back to the Waverider, and gets into a positively brutal fight with Sara along the way. But, the show is called Legends of Tomorrow, so the good guys win out in the end. They also got a new lead on finding Vandal Savage, thanks to the computer in the ship they helped out. Go teamwork! But, what started as a riff on space adventures took a very dark turn in the end. How?

Wait, did Snart just kill Rory?


Once the team manages to stop Rory and regain full control of the Waverider, they’re still left with the awkward problem of what to do with the fire-wielding traitor. The brig is apparently not suitable as a longterm holding site, and Snart is afraid to just drop Mick off in 2016 because he might go after their loved ones. Which is dark, but the guy just betrayed them to pirates, so it’s probably not a bad point.

The situation comes to a shocking head in the episode’s final seconds, as Snart takes Rory to a secluded place (where and when was that, by the way?) and they have a true heart-to-heart about their fractured friendship. Snart’s evolution has been one of the best things about Legends of Tomorrow (dating all the way back to The Flash), and his anti-hero leanings have come to a head. When forced to decide between Rip and the team, or siding with Rory and his coup with the pirates, Snart finally pulls the trigger as a good guy. It was tough, but it felt earned.

As for that final moment, when Snart pulled the trigger on Rory? Though they obviously set that scene up to look like Snart killed Rory, this is a comic book show after all, so you’d have to think he’ll show up again down the line. Right?

Rip’s back story

Along with the A-story about space pirates, one of the most interesting arcs in this episode focused on Rip’s backstory and the family he started this whole mission to save. We got to see how he met his wife (who was also a Timemaster in training!) and their secret relationship that eventually led to their marriage. This was a good story, and honestly, it’s one that should have been told a whole lot sooner. We’ve been told over and over that Rip started this mission to save his family — but all we saw up to that point was about 2 minutes of his family. This episode finally did some showing, instead of telling. Well played.

We got to see Rip be awesome, but still kind of a d*ck


This show has been all over the map tonally ever since it started, and that didn’t change tonight. It veered from wacky space adventure, to (possibly) cold blooded (no pun intended) murder of a team member. But, that shifting tone all circles back to the team’s captain: Rip Hunter.

We’ve heard for a while (dating back to his initial name drop on The Flash) that Rip Hunter was this legendary hero, and we got to see him truly kick some butt this week. He saved the day (along with some critical help from the team) and used some outside the box captaining skills. To this point, we’ve only really seem him screwing up. He finally felt like a hero here.

But, that said, he’s also kind of a d*ck. His outburst to Rory was ice cold, and we’ve seen him make calls all season (trying to leave Sara in the future, trying to have Stein assassinated when he was captured) that are hard to match with the legendary hero we’ve heard talked up for so long. But, they’re doubling down on Rip’s d*ckiness, so at least they’re consistent. Right?

Ray Palmer playing Kirk: The Star Trek and Star Wars jokes were flying fast and furious, and one of the most fun moments of the episode found Ray Palmer sitting in the captain’s chair. Cheesy? Sure. But geek-fantasy brought to life.

Snart and Sara: The chemistry is totally there, as weird as this combination seems to be. It’ll be interesting to see where it goes.


Dr. Stein is old-man Han Solo: Speaking of light, fun parts of the episode — Stein got to be a space hero, and somehow managed to find the Acheron’s targeting system in 10 seconds flat, and also beat up a space pirate (whatever, we’ll go with it, this show has never made that much sense anyway). As silly as it all seemed, it was fun character stuff to pay that off for him.

Did anyone else notice? Was there a glitch in the green screen while they were on the jump ship? It seemed like everyone has stars on their chests. Anyone else notice that?

Palmer and Hawkgirl: This seems so unnecessary, and paid off on the groan-worthy arc last week, where Ray and Jax were pining over her. Well, she apparently ended up with Ray Palmer. Just. Sigh. There has to be better character stories we could be telling with the time this is taking, right?

Line of the night: ”You're Picard.” - Hawkgirl

Up Next: The gang is heading to the 1950’s to finally restart the search for Vandal Savage, and it looks like we’ll be getting a whole lot of fish-out-of-water, Pleasantville-style fun. Bring it on!

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