3 fun pics of sci-fi actors playing with their own action figures

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Dec 14, 2012

Ian McKellen wasn't the only actor to be photographed playing with himself. Lots of stars, once they've performed in a role that spawned a toy, get forced to hold one up for the camera and smile. Some look like they're having fun. Some don't.

The Actors With Action Figures site is devoted to capturing pics of these actors and actresses in that moment when someone shoves a toy into their hands and asks them to say, "Cheese!"

Some of these stars get into it, while others look like they're thinking, "Is this really why I went to Juilliard?" Still, all the pics are priceless.

We've harvested three of our favorites, but you'll really want to check out the full site to devour them all.

(Actors with Action Figures via The Daily What Geek)

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