Fun new Dark Shadows featurette reveals 2 awesome vamp cameos

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Dec 17, 2012, 3:16 PM EST

There's a new Dark Shadows video featurette that delves into vampire history by linking our fave pasty-white vamp Barnabas Collins (Johnny Depp) to some of the greatest bloodsuckers of all time (sorry, Twilight fans, no sparkly vamps here), such as Nosferatu and Christopher Lee's ultimate Prince of Darkness—Dracula. It also reveals two awesome cameos. SPOILERS.

Barnabas Collins is a reluctant 200-year-old vampire who's spent those two long centuries locked into a box coffin. Now we happen to think that kinda sucks. What doesn't suck is that the new video features some awesome footage from past vampire films like Interview With the Vampire (Tom Cruise as Lestat), a score of Dracula films with Lee, and the original Dracula himself—Bela Lugosi. Oh, and there's also a smidgen of new footage from the film in there, too.

The video featurette reveals that Lee will indeed put in a cameo appearance in the Tim Burton film, by playing a man not influenced by Depp's vampire powers of suggestion—can someone get one of those Vampire Diaries bloodsuckers in here stat?

The other cameo is that of the original Barnabas Collins himself—the late Jonathan Frid—who sadly passed away over a week ago. Look for him amongst the mansion guests.

What do you think of this new featurette? Do you think Christopher Lee and Jonathan Frid's cameos are super cool? Are there other vamps (*cough* the other Barnabas Collins: Ben Cross *cough*) you'd have liked to see in there as well?

Tim Burton's Dark Shadows comes out of its coffin on May 11.

(The Movie Box via Comic Book Movie)