Functional TARDIS painstakingly re-created with custom LEGOs

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Jon Cohen
Dec 14, 2012

It's pretty clear that one Doctor Who fan has got a lot of time on his hands, and we've got to say he's putting it to good use. JUSTJON has designed a TARDIS made completely out of LEGO Bricks that not only lights up and has an electric door, but also plays the Doctor Who theme!

It doesn't travel in time (yet), but we're confident Jon will solve that issue. Here's how he got the project started:

I based my design on the David Tennant Doctor and analyzed pictures of him with the TARDIS. After examining the pictures, the first step was to figure out a way to get the windows to look right. By laying out the white bricks with the studs on top wouldn't allow the blue frame between the windows, so a different technique needed to be used. After talking to my friend Lee, I started working on a SNOT (Studs Not On Top) technique that would let me put the white bricks and blue plates sideways. After several tries, I found a technique that worked utilizing pins to hold the stacks in place, but then the lower blue sections needed to be repositioned to center them within the holes below the windows. I worked on a way to use jumper plates to center them in the holes in a satisfactory way.

Once the panel was designed, eight of them were built in the proper blue color, unlike the prototype panel, and the framework was built to hold the panels in . This brought me to the phase where I wanted to add my usual technological flair. The three things I wanted to add to the TARDIS were flashing lights, a motor to open the door and a way to play the Doctor Who theme. The obvious solution to my concepts would be to use an Arduino Microcontroller to run everything.

Since the LED lighting was the easiest of the three, it was quickly added and tested to fade the lights in and out like they do when the TARDIS travels through time. The original concept was to run a bright white LED to the top and orange lighting inside. Unfortunately, the orange lighting couldn't be seen very well in a lit room, but the white light on top was much brighter and it was the more important of the lights to me anyway.

There's more info about the project on Jon's site over here, and pics and video below. Also, here's how you can contact LEGO in case, like us, you want them to start selling this for real. Nice work, Jon!

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