Fundamental mistakes about evolution

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Sep 11, 2008

Religious fanatics of the fundamentalist streak love to make up weird stuff about evolution. There's no evidence, scientists are in disagreement over it, lots of scientists don't believe in it, and on and on. It's all lies.

One of my favorites is their trying to turn the tables, making it seem like evolution is a religion and therefore cannot be taught in schools. First, science is not a religion. It's not faith-based.

Second, science represents reality. When you inform people about science, you are teaching them. You are not indoctrinating them. Some folks seem to miss this subtle point (subtle like an Alice Cooper concert is subtle, at least). However, James McGrath, a religion professor, makes this point very clearly. I suspect there is much in this world that Dr. McGrath and I would disagree on, but on this we are reading the same page.

Tip o' the finch beak to some random BABLoggee who pointed me to this.

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