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(Credit: Paul Terry/Tara Bennett)

Get your fun on with this sneak peek at Funko's FunKon exclusives for Marvel, DC, Disney and more

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Aug 2, 2021, 10:10 PM EDT

When it became clear that the 2021 summer comic con conventions would again be canceled, delayed, or moved online due to the ongoing global pandemic, Funko realized they needed to figure out a stop-gap measure to celebrate the fans who look forward to, and travel to get, their event exclusives.

What the pop culture collectibles company is giving fans this week is FunKon 2021, an in-person and virtual Funko event happening in Hollywood, California, or from your device of choice at home. 

Today, SYFY WIRE was invited (along with select outlets) to get a first-person look at the Funko Hollywood store, which is hosting the in-person event this week. Already at capacity, there will be no walk-up availability for the three-day event happening Aug. 4-6. But those lucky enough to score store access during the timed sessions (from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. PT each day) will get to potentially purchase the limited exclusives available for the event, and participate in the overall party. The store will be stocked up with limited quantities of new Funko Pops, Loungefly bags, and other exclusive collectibles. 

Actor Joe Manganiello, a self-professed geek and Dungeons and Dragons game writer/player for Wizards of the Coast, was also on hand at today's preview to talk about his own nerd loves. 

Actor Joe Manganiello. (Credit: Paul Terry/Tara Bennett)


For everyone who will be trying for exclusives from the comfort of their own homes this week, here are some highlights of what will be available below, along with tips on how and when to buy them.

The Tokidoki Collection:

(Credit: Paul Terry/Tara Bennett)


The Suicide Squad T.D.K. and Harry Potter Anniversary:

(Credit: Paul Terry/Tara Bennett)


DC Heroes Batman, Justice League Stargirl, Doctor Fate, and Wonder Woman Nubia:

(Credit: Paul Terry/Tara Bennett)


DC Imperial Deathstroke, White Lantern, and DC Imperial Martian Manhunter:

(Credit: Paul Terry/Tara Bennett)


Mooby's Mascot, McDonald's Nugget, and Sugar Smacks Seal:

(Credit: Paul Terry/Tara Bennett)


Parks and Rec Fillibuster Leslie Knope, The Boys Black Noir, The Office Stanley Warrior, and Homer Simpson:

(Credit: Paul Terry/Tara Bennett)


Samurai Jack Demongo, My Hero Academia Taishiro, and Gang Orca:

(Credit: Paul Terry/Tara Bennett)


FunKon runs this week, Aug. 4-6. Make sure to follow Funko's official social media channels for their daily live updates: @OriginalFunko on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. If you didn't sign up for the Funko Lottery to win a spot to buy these items on their website, the lottery spots are closed. However, almost every FunKon exclusive also has a retail partner who will be selling limited quantities from their own websites. 

The official FunKon blog lists all of the North American retailer partners, and for those overseas, all of the international retail exclusive partners selling them too. You can find those detailed breakdowns HERE. Select shared retailer exclusives will be available to the public at 6 a.m. PT on Aug. 5 on and through respective sites and stores.

And what if you live near Everett, Washington, where the Funko HQ is located, along with their shop? Better get there early on  Aug. 4, because a limited supply of the FunKon Funko shared exclusives available for purchase.

Check out the rest of the FunKon exclusives in the gallery below...