Funko Pop! Thor: Ragnarok Exclusives reveal Surtur and potentially huge spoiler

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Jul 13, 2017, 2:51 PM EDT

Oh those pesky toy companies have a tough balancing act. They have to capitalize when the moment is hot, like releasing action figures after the latest season of a TV show, like Stranger Things or after a hopping season of Game of Thrones. They can also help build the hype for movies, so they are often released before a film drops.

Unfortunately, that means they can potentially spoil plot points of a movie. LEGO is a frequent culprit, because they try to construct an entire scene of a movie, so there’s usually a vehicle reveal, what costumes will look like and oftentimes an adversary of some sort gets seen for the first time before it is seen in the theater. For those who don't like to have their movies spoiled, you must exercise the temptation to click on stories like, well, this one.

Star Wars fans know what's up, as they are quick to pounce on toy releases, which is why Disney chooses to release their movie tie-in toys in waves, which isn’t a real problem since most Star Wars films stay in theaters for a few months. But not every film gets that luxury, so there’s a small window to build the momentum. For example, like the two-faced Kevin Beckman (Chris Hemsworth) mini-figure in the recent Ghostbusters release that showed he would turn into a possessed character. So which film and toy company is the latest case? Funko, with their Thor: Ragnarok Funko Pop figures. Beware of potential spoilers in the pictures below. The basic Thor: Ragnarok set is a case of six figures that run from numbers 240-245, as seen below.


240 Thor with haircut and gladiator weapon (because we know from the trailer that he loses his hammer to Hela)
241 Hulk in gladiator gear, based on the look of Planet Hulk, with giant space hammer, brushed helmet and tattoos
242 Loki donning new blue and purple threads with a yellow cape
243 Hela with massive Jack Kirby-inspired headgear
244 Valkyrie with a pair of sais
245 Heimdall in red costume and sword

Seems harmless so far, right? Then there are at least seven exclusives out there, which is where the potential spoilers are, so this is your last warning. First, there are two that have been unaccounted for in their packaging …

247 Unknown Exclusive
248 Unknown Exclusive


However, we will guess that they are Skurge the Executioner and Grandmaster, because images have surfaced for the latter (above) and they are both a part of the Thor Ragnarok Series One Funko Mystery Minis (below). There are a few other characters too, which you can see among those including Odin and Korg.


So one of the unknown exclusives should be Grandmaster, and another probably from this batch of Mystery Minis. Since Skurge the Executioner is starring Karl Urban and is one of Thor's big villains, we think he'll get the other exclusive. The other chase Pops include:


249 Walmart Exclusive - Gladiator Hulk without helmet and with space axe.


250 Toys R Us Exclusive - Nope, that is not Tony Stark, but hipster Bruce Banner looking with suit and sneakers and a 5 o’clock shadow.


251 Target Exclusive - Hela sans headgear and green eye makeup. 


252 GameStop Exclusive - Surtur in all of his glory with fire sword. This is the first time we’ve ever seen what he could look like in the film. Pretty awesome, right? He has yet to be seen in a TV spot or trailer, so this is as good a preview as you’ll get before November 3. Then there is this.

You may have noticed that I skipped over one numbered figure, and that’s because it has the biggest spoiler:


246 Hot Topic Exclusive - Long-haired Thor holding the head of … well, we can guess that looks an awful lot like Surtur’s head, but it's no longer flaming. It's also no longer attached to Surtur's body. So is this a huge spoiler for the film? Well, potentially. Some may be making the leap that Surtur gets beheaded, or this could be all that's left of a fire giant after it's extinguished and Thor could just be picking it up. It has to mean something that he's holding it, doesn't it? Well it's something that I can't unsee now.

Good triumphs over bad. Of course we know who is going to come out on top, but sheesh, if you’re going to withhold a few of these exclusives from hitting the public, maybe this should have been one of them?

Well, in case you can't get enough and want to see more great Funko Thor: Ragnarok toys, check out the super-cute Dorbz line in the gallery below. Don't worry, no more spoilers.