We can't wait to get our claws on Funko’s new Alien and Predator Dorbz

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Sep 6, 2017

If there’s anyone who can make Facehuggers, Xenomorphs and the menacing Predator adorable, it’s Funko, and they’ve just spawned Dorbz versions of them that you’re going to want on your shelf right now.

With the creepy crawlies just having infested Funko’s POP! Vinyl line, five different vinyl monstrosities that may be the scariest kind of adorable you’ve ever seen will be clawing their way into its Sci-Fi Dorbz series in November. Spawning soon will be two iterations of Predator and two Xenomorphs, plus a facehugger you may actually feel the urge to hug despite the fact it’s latched onto its helpless victim.



Try telling yourself you don’t need two Xenomorphs, but you will. The pre- and post-carnage versions of the creature which literally bursts onto the screen and into people’s nightmares through Kane’s ribcage have a horrible cuteness that is just too infectious. Before a human meal, the first is sleek and black like a new car with teeth, the other spattered with gore. You might get blood on your shirt trying to get the one that appears as if it just ate because it’s a limited edition.



Predator is unmasked and showing some serious fang in both his regular form and a clear Toys“R”Us exclusive variant splattered with neon green extraterrestrial bodily fluid. This is something you’d probably be willing to brave the infamous Black Friday crowds at Toys for if you’d rather not order it online in your pajamas. Both look like they’re morbidly laughing (at what, no one wants to know). I wonder if the clear one is blacklight-reactive.


The Facehugger doing what a Facehugger does best is also a Toys“R”Us exclusive, but even the kids with the grabbiest hands probably won’t be reaching for any of these. They can’t even remember the movies, or are too young to even watch them. It’s the other adults you’ll have to watch out for.

(via Bloody Disgusting)

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