Funko unveils Snoke, loads of Star Wars goodies, and hits the Fury Road

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Aug 31, 2017

We're just hours away from the launch of Force Friday II, also known as the Star Wars Holiday Special (kidding, kidding), and the day loads of new Star Wars products for Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be available for purchase. 

Now that Funko has revealed their Force Friday II merchandise, I'm thinking your shopping list is about to get a lot longer. There's something for everyone here; plush, Pop!s, Wobblers, Rock Candy, Minis, and exclusives for days. Flocked Pop!s, Porgs, 3 and 4-packs, Rebels, First Order, and what may be our best look at Supreme Leader Snoke we've gotten yet. (I dig his yellow robe. It's very '70s) and, yes, it's all available Sept. 1. 

rebel trio.jpeg

On the other side of the sci-fi movie spectrum, Entertainment Weekly gave us our first look at new Mad Max Fury Road Pop!s, which will be out this winter. The Furiosa alone would have made me happy, but all your favorite characters are there, including the Doof Warrior and an unmasked Immortan Joe that's gruesomely fantastic. Funko is making Pop!s, Rock Candy and Minis of Furiosa, Max, Nux, Immortan Joe, Capable, Valkyrie, and more. I'll admit to being sad there's no bobblehead, because you know I'd put that on my dashboard. You can head over to EW to see more of what Funko's got to offer.

mmfr funko.jpeg

Photos courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

Quick note: Some of the MMFR collectibles shown are chase variants and most of the Star Wars: The Last Jedi exclusives are marked in the images. The First Order and Rebel 3 and 4-packs will be available at Costco.

You're gonna need a bigger bag.

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