Funny Or Die's fake Star Wars holiday special is a worthy and weird successor

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Dec 11, 2015

There's no shame in quietly admitting you kind of miss those cheesy Star Wars holiday specials of yesteryear.  

Well, the comedy geniuses at Funny or Die have sensed your yearnings and created this amazing faux holiday extravaganza featuring The Force Awakens folks from a galaxy far, far away.  The Hypothetical Star Wars Holiday Special cobbles together a patchwork assortment of vague plot points extracted from the swarm of recent trailers, clips, TV spots, soup cans and wild Internet rumors to create a heartwarming seasonal show in celebration of Droid Day.

Check out Jason Alexander, Kate Walsh, Constable Zuvio, Kylo Ren and BB-8's charming family as they honor the robot holiday then rock out until the dawn of day with a cool tune by Train.  

Have a look and enjoy the peaceful spirit of Droid Day.  Happy Droidsmas!

The Hypothetical Star Wars Holiday Special from Funny Or Die

(Via Vulture)

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