Futurama cast performs final episode live at Comic-Con (well, not ALL of it)

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Jul 20, 2013, 7:35 PM EDT

Futurama is almost over. How's it going to end? Funny you should ask... 

At the one-hour Futurama panel for SDCC this year, lead writer David X. Cohen and series creator, Matt Groening, had something very special whipped up for fans. Voice actors, Billy West and Katey Sagal, came out on stage and read from the very last Futurama script ever. Probably.

If you've been keeping up, the rumors are true -- time travel and marriage are two aspects of the final episode, Meanwhile. According to Chris E. Hayner at Zap2it, here's how things shake out in act one:

The episode finds Fry (West), Leela (Sagal) and Bender (John DiMaggio) making a delivery to the moon and visiting a theme park. After a ride accident, Leela seemingly dies.

Luckily, all is well. She was trapped inside a stuffed animal. Really. The close call was too much for Fry to handle, and he announces to Bender that he's going to finally propose to Leela.

Meanwhile, Professor Farnsworth (West) invents a device that lets him travel 10 seconds into the past. Naturally, he uses it to steal money from Zoidberg. What else will you do with 10 seconds? Fry takes the time machine to steal diamonds, along with Bender.

He uses the stolen diamonds to fashion an engagement ring, which he hides in a clam. When he presents it to Leela, she reaches for the ring and the clam snaps shut, severing her hand and a bloody stump.

Excitement! Intrigue! Will Fry and Leela tie the knot? Will Leela have a bloody stump forever? Or will time travel alter things again?

Stay tuned to find out what happens in act two!

Right now.

Fry still has the time traveling decide and uses it to go back and save Leela from losing her hand. He proposes and tells Leela to meet him on top of the Vampire State Building if she'll marry him. When he thinks Leela misses the time she was supposed to meet him, Fry takes that as a no to the proposal and jumps from the top of the building.

However, he sees Leela approaching the building as the building as he falls and realizes that his clock is wrong due to all the time-traveling. He tries to go back and save himself by using the device, but ten seconds before, he's still falling from the building. He keeps himself in a time loop, reliving those ten seconds over and over until he loses his grip on the device and hits the ground in front of Leela, leaving a pile of blood and guts at her feet.

And, sadly, for now at least, that is all we know. How Fry's gruesome death gets resolved and whether or not he and Leela live happily ever after will not be revealed until the Futurama finale airs on September 4th.

(via Zap2it)