Futurama returns for one-shot radio show special episode

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Sep 11, 2017, 4:10 PM EDT (Updated)

Futurama is gone but not forgotten, not by me and not by the crew at Nerdist. But only Nerdist took a Professor Farnsworth-like initiative to create a one-off radio show. 

Nerdist writes: “The cast and creators of Futurama have joined forces with TinyCo, a Jam City company, and Chris Hardwick to bring you a brand new episode of the show! Yes, you read that right. Next week on September 14th, we will debut a new radioplay episode of Futurama on The Nerdist Podcast in its entirety.”

The two-part episode has been created to bring attention to Futurama’s mobile game, Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow. In it, the Hypnotoad tears into spacetime in order to bring a female Hypnotoad to our universe. It’s up to Fry to restore reality and New New York. The game has been written by Futurama’s writers and voiced by its stars, which means it's a hefty dose of nostalgia for us bereft fans.

And if you download the game now, you can get advanced snippets from the radio play.

The Nerdist also promises “jaw-dropping surprises” on the podcast. If these jaw-dropping surprises include news about more Futurama, my jaw will be happy, no matter where it lands.

Planet Express will be delivering 42 minutes of comedy gold on Nerdist on September 14.


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