Futurama voices to be recast?

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

No one was more thrilled than us at the news that Comedy Central was resurrecting Futurama with an order of 26 new episodes, to begin airing in 2010.

But now comes news on Forces of Geek that 20th Century Fox Television, which produces the series, may be considering recasting the voice roles. Say it ain't so!

Here's what the site reported:

According to no less than cast members John DiMaggio [Bender], Phil LaMarr [Hermes] and Maurice LaMarche on their Facebook pages, a casting notice has gone out to replace actors DiMaggio, LaMarche, Billy West [Fry] and Katy Sagal [Leela].
Recast Fry and Leela?? And Bender??

It seems clear that Fox is trying to cut costs for the show by hiring lower-paid voice talent—either that or trying to get a leg up on salary negotiations by sending out recasting notices to scare the current talent into rolling over on pay.

But fans may recall that Fox TV tried to muscle the original Simpsons voice cast in a similar fashion. That didn't go so well, so here's hoping the original Futurama cast remains intact.