G.I. Joe comic creator Larry Hama will finally get his own action figure

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Mar 9, 2017, 6:00 PM EST

Though the carton might loom larger in the public imagination now, G.I. Joe would never have become the franchise it is today without the iconic Real American Hero comic series published by Marvel throughout the 1980s.

And that comic would not have become the landmark series it did without the work of Larry Hama. After apparently taking the gig because no other writer wanted it, Hama built the comic into a powerhouse, writing all but seven of its 155 issues, and even penciling several. It's one of the great long-term comic book runs of the modern age, and it made a Hama a legend in the industry.

Now, Hama's status as a Joe icon will be elevated by fans who are placing him front and center in another aspect of the franchise: action figures.

Fresh Monkey Fiction recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to create a Hama action figure in the style of the classic 3.75" toys that we all owned by the dozen in the '80s and '90s. With more than two weeks to go, the campaign has already raised more than three times its initial goal of $6,000, guaranteeing an initial production run for the toy. The donation level required to get the basic Hama figure is $25, though higher donation levels will get you add-ons including a top secret accessory and a metal trading card.

So, if you'd like your own miniature version of a G.I. Joe legend (who, as a veteran, is also a real American hero), head over and chip in to the Kickstarter.