Gail Simone left Batgirl, but she's going back to one of her best comics -- Secret Six!

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Sep 4, 2014

On the laundry list of reasons why people were unhappy about DC's relaunch, the New 52, way toward the tippy top, was the cancellation of the beloved Gail Simone series Secret Six. That was summer of 2011, and it's been a cold and lonely three years in the DCU without one of the best ongoing series ever to be put to print.

OK, I gush. But with good reason -- Gail Simone and DC are bringing Secret Six back!

Yes, this coming December both Gail Simone and artist Dale Eaglesham will return to the Secret Six (along with interior artist Ken Lashley) with new looks, new team members and a question that's almost as obvious as 'Doctor who?' -- What is the secret?

What we know so far is that Catman will return and will be joined by Black Alice. As to who else will officially be a part of the team, Simone isn't telling just yet. But this new cover art might offer up some hints:

Naturally, the big question for fans of the last Secret Six is "Where's Scandal Savage?" And if Bane could come back, that would also be welcome. But this is a new book, so there aren't any guarantees.

What we do know is that the story will begin with the team trapped in a room and not sure how they got there. Says Simone, "They instantly do not like each other, and they instantly do not get along with each other."

As for the best character ever to get a makeover, Catman, Simone has some big plans in store for him, too. “He’s more dangerous,” says Simone. But that's not all. Simone had said when the last Secret Six book was canceled that Catman was bisexual and "when we bring him back, that will be explicitly in canon." Well? He's back. And Gail plans to make good on her promise, saying, "You’re going to see right away kind of what Catman’s about."

So we are pretty thrilled at this news. But how about you? Is this the DC book you've been waiting for? And who are you hoping will fill out the team?

(via The LA Times)

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