A Catalyst Prime Universe connecting variant by Phil Jimenez
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A Catalyst Prime Universe connecting variant by Phil Jimenez. (Courtesy of Lionforge Comics)

Comics: Gail Simone previews Seven Days; Rob Liefeld unsheathes Major X surprise; more

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Mar 6, 2019, 1:58 AM EST (Updated)

Gail Simone has officially started shaking things up at Lions Forge Comics. The comic writer was first named as overseer for their Catalyst Prime Universe back in July. When we spoke to her in September, she was just starting to map out plans. And in a recent interview with Deadline, she finally revealed some details about her big crossover event for the heroes of the CPU, Seven Days, an upcoming seven-issue series that will count down the days of humanity's final week.

"A superior being comes to Earth, and he’s a conqueror and destroyer, but he has one act of mercy in him," Simone began. "He’s going to give the people of Earth seven days to say goodbye to each other and make peace."

A Catalyst Prime Universe connecting variant by Phil Jimenez

A Catalyst Prime Universe connecting variant by Phil Jimenez. (Courtesy of Lionforge Comics)

However, the reality of the pending apocalypse doesn't exactly take hold right away. Nor does it prompt the same reaction out of everyone.

"At first, no one believes him," Simone said. "As it starts to creep in that people have just seven days to live, many can’t handle it. Some go up to the mountains with their family to wait for the end, some start shooting people. But a lot of people start 'playing hooky.' Or they abandon their families."

As society continues to crumble, Simone describes the book as a way to "see what happens in a world without borders, where the people are terrified because the end is coming. It’s not utopia."

Seven Days, which was penned by Simone with art by José Luís, will be available for purchase starting this June.

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Next up, Rob Liefeld has teased his newest Marvel title, Major X, on his Instagram page, along with a few panels of adamantium-heavy artwork. Specifically, Major X going sword-to-claw with none other than Wolverine.

"When adamantium blades crash," Liefeld wrote in the caption, along with the promise that Major X #1 will be hitting stores in the next few weeks.

The story will start in 1991, hence Wolverine's classic John Byrne-era costume, and slowly move its way into the present-day Marvel Universe. Liefeld's caption strongly suggests that Major X will be wielding an adamantium sword, one of Marvel's two most popular fictional metals (the other being vibranium), which was even more of a rarity in the continuity back then.

Of course, setting the book in the early '90s is a bit meta in itself, as that was something of a heyday for Liefeld, who created some of Marvel's most memorable characters in that time.

You can check out Major X from Liefeld, Whilce Portacio, and Brent Peeples when it hits shelves next month.

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Finally, longtime Marvel artist Mike Deodato Jr. has already found a new job after leaving the mothership earlier this week. He took to Twitter to announce his intentions: "to create my own books and characters."

Now, the artist will move to Dark Horse Comics, where he will have just such an opportunity. Comic Book Resources reports that Deodato's first gig will be handling the art for Berserker Unbound with writer Jeff Lemire. The two previously collaborated on a Thanos miniseries for Marvel back in 2016, and are now creating a sword-and-sorcery epic with a modern-day twist. Literally.

The story follows a warrior from antiquity transported to a modern-day city in search of an evil wizard determined to control reality itself. It's Deodato's first non-Marvel art in almost a quarter-century, and Lemire's first Dark Horse script that's not connected to his sprawling Black Hammer series.

Berserker Unbound will be available to purchase starting Aug. 7.

(via Comic Book Resources)