Gaiman shares the inspiration behind his new alien invasion Who tale

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Nov 13, 2013

For this latest Doctor Who tale, Neil Gaiman's concocted an alien invasion he hopes you'd never thought of before. 

Gaiman is the last of 11 writers (along with Eoin Colfer, Patrick Ness and others) tasked with writing a new short story about a particular Doctor for the "11 Doctors, 11 Stories" series of ebooks intended to celebrated the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. His story, "Nothing O'Clock," follows Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor and his first companion, Amy Pond, as they deal with a powerful alien threat known as "The Kin." The story will be available for download on Nov. 21, followed closely by the release of a print book containing all 11 stories. 

For "Nothing O'Clock," Gaiman not only got to create a brand-new Doctor Who monster, but also got to craft a different kind of alien invasion for the Who universe. In a new video released on the BBC's Doctor Who YouTube page, he described the inspiration that drove his tale.

"I started thinking of ways that aliens could invade, and over the years aliens have invaded the world of Doctor Who, they've invaded the Earth every possible way that aliens could invade the Earth except one," Gaiman said. "They'd never actually tried to buy it, legitimately, a bit at a time. And when I realized they could do that, I got very pleased with myself, and that really was the driving force behind the story."

So, even though Matt Smith is bowing out as the on-screen Doctor later this year, he will get to have at least one more Neil Gaiman adventure when "Nothing O'Clock" is released later this month. Check out the video below to hear more about the story, as well as Gaiman's thoughts on writing dialogue for Matt Smith and the future of Doctor Who.

(Via YouTube)

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