Gal Gadot makes out with Kate McKinnon in cheeky SNL Wonder Woman sketch

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Sep 3, 2019, 8:07 AM EDT (Updated)

Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot, hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend, and while the show's variety format presents an opportunity for her to do any number of things, one seemed inevitable: a sketch based on the film that made her a movie star.

As it turns out, Wonder Woman was revisited twice during Gadot's episode. In the opening monologue, during which Gadot also got to speak Hebrew on American television, she addressed how happy she was to play the iconic superhero.

"I loved doing the movie because it inspired so many young girls to be their own hero," she said.

That prompted the "Times Square's Wonder Woman," played by SNL superstar Leslie Jones, to come out and join in the fun.

"Yes!" she said. "We really do inspire people, don't we?"

That led to a very dirty joke about Times Square Elmo, and a dig at the ubiquitous presence of bootleg DVDs in New York City. 

Later in the show, Gadot returned to the island of Themyscira for a sketch in which she's still just Diana, training with her Amazon sister. Instead of Steve Trevor visiting the island, though, she encounters two lesbians (played by Aidy Bryant and Ghostbusters breakout star Kate McKinnon), who were out in a small boat and just happened to find the mythical island. The situation creates some confusion, as Bryant and McKinnon's characters are clearly convinced they've stumbled upon a lesbian paradise. In the Wonder Woman film the Amazonians don't address sexuality all that much, so they're puzzled as to why these women are so excited. The logical debate that ensues eventually leads to Gadot making out with McKinnon's character, which will no doubt be the ultimate viral moment from the episode.

The only real surprise here: that we didn't get a Justice League sketch.

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