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Gal Gadot, Mark Hamill, Lupita Nyong'o, and more surprise moviegoers at The Oscars

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Feb 20, 2019, 5:03 PM EST (Updated)

In the middle of the 90th Academy Awards Sunday night, a few familiar faces took a break from the accolades to surprise moviegoers with snacks and food as a thank-you for, you know, seeing the movies they make. Can you imagine being in that theater? And one of the coolest moments of the bit even took place before the stars actually entered the theater: Mark Hamill took the opportunity to introduce himself to Gal Gadot.

The Oscars aren't all about drama and crying. They can be fun, too! If you happened to be watching a screening of A Wrinkle in Time at the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood Sunday night, oh you were in for a treat. During the Oscars ceremony taking place just next door, host Jimmy Kimmel decided it was time for those making the movies to thank the ones watching them. So celebrity volunteers including Hamill, Gadot, Lupita Nyong'o, Margot Robbie, Guillermo del Toro, and Armie Hammer, to name a few, grabbed snacks, hot dog guns, sandwiches, and delivered them to a theater full of moviegoers as a "thank you."

Predictably, it was mass chaos with stars running all over the place meeting audience members but the bit also resulted in some amazing moments. Kimmel led the stars from the Dolby Theatre, where they stocked up on candy and supplies.

But while prepping for the big surprise moment, the cameras luckily caught a pretty special event: Gadot and Hamill meeting for the first time. Yes, Wonder Woman and Luke Skywalker are officially friends now. It's canon and we're dreaming of some sort of Wonder Woman-Star Wars crossover series.

Oh and Armie Hammer had a hot dog cannon. Just because.

These two Guillermos met and hugged.

Fans on Twitter couldn't get over Hamill and Gadot's meeting during the stunt. It's unplanned moments that really make award shows fun to watch. You never know what might happen. And where else would all of these icons meet?

You can watch the whole segment here to relive the moment:

So next time you're in the movie theater, just imagine Lupita Nyong'o surprising you with candy to enjoy and you're sure to have a delightful time.

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