Gal Gadot reveals first look in costume from Wonder Woman 1984

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Jun 16, 2018, 12:19 PM EDT

A few days ago we learned that Chris Pine would be back as Steve Trevor in next year's Wonder Woman 2, aka Wonder Woman 1984, and we saw him in all his 1980s glory in what looks like the '80s fashion version of a flight jacket (and white sneakers) at a very '80s looking mall. (Top Gun wasn't released until 1986, so Steve is definitely being fashion-forward here.) And while that certainly made a splash (didn't he die in, um, the 1910s? He looks great, considering!), the real moment we've all been waiting for came today, with Gal Gadot tweeting her own WW84 costume. 

Her '80s look is quite similar to her look in last year's film (anyone hoping for a full-on Lynda Carter transformation will be disappointed), but it does seem like the colors have gotten brighter and less muted, the gold, red, and blue all stand out in more four-color comics printed tones. Which, if you remember the neon and Pop Art-influenced 1980s, is entirely appropriate. 

But we still have so many questions leading into the film's release in 2019. What will Cheetah look like? How does Steve Trevor keep his prolly 100-year-old hair looking so fresh in 1984? Would he like to take a swing at re-cutting Justice League?

Ok, so November of next year, please come quick. The world needs Wonder Woman now more than ever. (And '80s throwback fashion is always welcome as well.)