Gal Gadot was a real Wonder Woman for little girls at Comic-Con

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Jul 26, 2017, 4:24 PM EDT

One of the chief refrains you'll hear around films like Wonder Woman and Black Panther is a simple two words: "representation matters." Never was that more apparent than at San Diego Comic-Con, where, in the aftermath of Wonder Woman being released to critical and fan acclaim and box-office success, little girls met star Gal Gadot in heart-melting, beautiful, and important moments.

A video captured by Variety shows one of these moments, when a little girl dressed as Wonder Woman approached Gadot at the signing. Tears in her eyes, Gadot takes her hands and asks why she's crying. It sounds like the girl says she "just wanted to meet you," and Gal takes it from there.

"But now you and I are here, so there's no reason to cry anymore, right?" the actress says softly to the little one. "We're here together." She continued to encourage the little girl, with other cast members like Ben Affleck pointing out she's "a sweet kid." Ezra Miller, stationed next to Gadot at the table, chimed in, saying, "She's a warrior! You join the Justice League whenever you're ready!"

Likewise, Yolanda Machado, a freelance entertainment writer, shared a picture of her daughter meeting Gadot, who lovingly placed her hands on the little girl (complete with Wonder Woman tiara)'s face. "[Now] she believes she can save the world, too," Machado wrote.

It's an incredible sentiment, and one echoed throughout the weekend. Notably, other members of the Justice League cast also took special time out for children. After making a joke about Superman's death during their panel, Aquaman actor Jason Momoa saw the child that asked the question about Superman's involvement in the film and whispered, as if telling a secret, "Don't worry. He's alive." Affleck took photographs with tearful fans, standing up several times for hugs, as well.

All in all, it was a weekend of people who play heroes being heroes, and Gal Gadot, our Wonder Woman, leading the charge for a new generation of heroic girls.