Gal Gadot's 3-picture DC deal reportedly includes standalone Wonder Woman film

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Jan 23, 2014, 4:59 PM EST

Warner Bros. and DC seem pretty keen about keeping Gal Gadot around as the future Wonder Woman, and it sounds like the Amazonian warrior might finally be getting her own standalone film.

Word broke this week that Gadot’s overall deal to appear in Batman vs. Superman includes a three-picture commitment, and one of those unknown future films is reportedly that Wonder Woman movie we’ve been clamoring for since the dawn of time. Considering that DC is keen to expand its slate like Marvel, it sounds like it might finally be ready to give the girl a shot.

Variety is reporting that the full contract encompasses Batman vs. Superman, Justice League and a standalone Wonder Woman movie. In case you’re wondering, Gadot will be paid $300,000 per film, according to the report. Of course, if she proves a hit and they need to keep her around, she could eventually be bringing home Robert Downey Jr.-type coin in a few years.

Sadly, the three-picture deal doesn’t mean Warner Bros. will move forward with Wonder Woman, just that it’s reportedly on the table and they wanted Gadot on the hook in case they pull the trigger. We, and the studio, will know a whole lot more when Batman vs. Superman arrives in 2016 and we can actually get a feel for whether she’s a good fit.

Are you glad to hear Warner Bros. is eyeing a big-screen Wonder Woman? Do you think Gadot is right for the part?

(Via Variety)