Galactic guardian Dave Bautista was turned down for more than one Star Wars movie

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Aug 30, 2018

Dave Bautista is no stranger to science fiction or adventure films at this point — the man is a Guardian of the Galaxy, for crying out loud. In addition to his popular role as Drax in at least three films in the MCU, he's also appeared in Blade Runner 2049, and went up against Daniel Craig's James Bond in Spectre. Despite these fantastic credits, it seems like Bautista's heart truly lies in the galaxy far, far away... and that those dreams have yet to manifest into reality. 

In an interview with Flickering Myth, Bautista shares how the Force has refused to be with him on more than one occasion. Apparently, he has auditioned for the new Star Wars films twice, and been turned down both times. As he says, “I’ve actually auditioned for a couple of Star Wars [movies] and they’ve turned me down. It was always a dream of mine to be in a Star Wars film.”

He might not have gotten to play in the Star Wars sandbox, but the cosmic side of the Marvel universe must be a pretty good alternative, one would think. But even though both galaxies share an owner, is he a fan of the new Star Wars films that have been made under the leadership of Disney? Yes and no. 

“I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of the latest installments,” Bautista said. “I particularly loved Rogue One. I thought it was a really great film and I love that they went a little bit dark with it. I thought it was really interesting.”

We're guessing that Bautista wasn't the biggest fan of the Kessel Run sequence from Solo, then. Though the talented man is just stating his opinion, it's hardly the first time he has taken issue with something that Disney has done. He's famously been one of the leading defenders of James Gunn, who Disney/Marvel fired last month. Bautista even tweeted an alt-right catchphrase at Disney when they made it clear that they would not be bringing Gunn back into the fold (he has maintained that the firing of Gunn was brought about by alt-right "cyber-nazis" and he was putting the Mouse House on blast for giving in to their tactics). 

Bautista's Star Wars dream may not happen, but he's still a Guardian... we hope he still is, anyway. We're also very curious as to what roles he might have auditioned for. Snoke's torso? Both of Rey's parents? General Dodonna? Doctor Kalonia? The possibilities are as endless as the stars themselves. 

(Via Flickering Myth)

UPDATE: This post was updated with more context about Bautista's tweet. 

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