Gallery: Look inside the Netflix 'Because You Watched' fan event

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Jun 17, 2018, 6:47 PM EDT

Since 2013, Netflix has released more than 50 original dramas, comedies and animated series. Many are genre shows that have ignited the pop culture zeitgeist from Stranger Things to Black Mirror and Sense8. Bingeing these shows, and then social media 'watercoolering' about them with other viewers after, is a big apart of how people watch TV today. Netflix knows it, and is encouraging it, with experiential activations that encourage their viewers to be part of the show they love.

In the biggest example yet, Netflix invited fans in Los Angeles this weekend to Raleigh Studios in Hollywood for the "Because You Watched" event. Filling an entire soundstage on the lot, Netflix created individual installations celebrating their original shows integrating photo ops and social media opportunities into paths that take you from one show to the next. 

SYFY WIRE joined the fun, taking pictures of the huge installation so fans around the world could get a taste of what might be coming to a city near you.