Gambit film moving forward with involvement of a legendary X-Men writer

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Oct 31, 2014, 6:11 PM EDT

There is good news on the Gambit movie front today. According to Deadline (via Collider), 20th Century Fox has hired screenwriter Josh Zetumer (the RoboCop remake) to pen the script for the film. But the really exciting revelation is that Zetumer will be working from a treatment written by legendary Marvel Comics writer Chris Claremont, who created the Ragin' Cajun in 1990 with artist Jim Lee and first introduced him in the pages of Uncanny X-Men, near the end of Claremont's still-unbeaten 16-year run on that book.

The plot of the movie remains a secret, but Channing Tatum is officially "attached," as they say in the business, to star. Gambit's only other live-action film appearance to date was in 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine, in which he was played by Taylor Kitsch, but we'll just move along and not talk about that.

As for Zetumer, he had a pretty large rock to roll up the hill with that RoboCop remake -- and actually didn't do such a bad job -- so we're open to seeing what he can do with Remy LeBeau, especially since he's working with material provided by Claremont.

Tatum said earlier this summer about the movie, "We’re gonna try to change up the superhero-type movie, maybe give us something a little different.  In my opinion, Gambit is an outlier in the X-Men [universe], he’s not a good guy in a way. He smokes, he drinks, he’s chasing women, he’s a thief. I’m not like an X-Men head, but I just love him.”

There is speculation that Gambit will make a cameo in 2016's X-Men: Apocalypse before leading his own movie, but that remains a rumor for now. Meanwhile, are you glad to hear that the Gambit film is becoming a reality, and that Chris Claremont is involved in some capacity?