Game of Thrones alum Jason Momoa still speaks Dothraki like a Khal

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Mar 26, 2021, 5:00 PM EDT (Updated)

Six and a half years since his last living breath on Game of Thrones, Jason Momoa’s Dothraki is still as sharp as an arakh.

Even after getting hexed by a witch and sacrificed for dragon sperm at the end of Season 1, the former Khal Drogo (may he rest in peace) can still utilize the Dothraki language to woo and warn with the best of ‘em.

As you can see below, Momoa recently appeared on The Graham Norton Show in support of Justice League, in which he stars as Aquaman. After the host imagines what fun a sitcom of “The Drogos” might be, he gets Momoa to speak a little Dothraki to guests Sarah Millican and Hugh Grant:

Sure, it sounds sexy and menacing even if he’s talking gibberish, but like Klingon and Na’vi before it, Dothraki was developed as an actual fantastical language, in this case one imagined by George R.R. Martin in the books, and brought to life by linguist, David J. Peterson.

So what does Momoa’s guttural utterances mean? According to eagle-eared commenter Emmainkeri:

I think what he said to Sarah was just "Yer jalan atthirari anni" which translates to "You are the Moon of my Life", that's how Drogo addressed Dany. And he was "Shekh ma shieraki anni" (My sun and stars) to her.

To Hugh it was more or less this one: "Eyel varthasoe she ilekaan rikhoya arrekaan vekha vosi yeroon vosma tolorro!" which translates to "The rain will fall on your rotting skin until nothing is left of you but bones."

So yeah, best to stay on Khal Momoa’s good side. 

Justice League debuts in theaters this Friday. Game of Thrones' climatic Season 8 will hopefully premiere sometime before our bones are left to rot, maybe late 2018, but don't hold your dragon's breath.

(via io9)