Game of Thrones fan theory breaks down the Night King’s real plan

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Sep 12, 2017, 11:33 AM EDT

Spoilers ahead for the Season 7 finale of HBO's Game of Thrones, plus theories that could prove to be Season 8 spoilers, ahead! Also, fair warning, it gets super-geeky with plot points from the books, etc.!

After that insane Game of Thrones finale that will be roaring blue fire in our heads, the Night King has sucker-punched the Wall and is marching his army of wights and zombie hordes into Westeros for what seems like the final showdown. He’s gotten this far. But toward where exactly is he leading his undead?

This is where you start clicking through Reddit as an antidote to GoT withdrawal and, sometime around 3 a.m., you find a theory that really blows your mind.

With one look at that glacial face, you can probably figure that the Night King has no issues with taking down the living and zombifying them for his ever-expanding corpse force. The question is whether that is really the only thing he wants. I have a hard time believing someone with a literal heart of ice would just stop at slaughtering and reanimating thousands of humans. Apparently, so did Reddit user twerkmileyyy, who believes the most menacing ice sculpture ever is actually marching toward the Gods Eye, a lake in the Riverlands that lurks in the ancient myth and legend of Westeros.


In the center of the Gods Eye lies the Isle of Faces, which is creepy enough when you consider that every weirwood on this island has a face that constantly has its unseeing eyes on you. The First Men and the Children of the Forest signed The Pact, their peace treaty, under the branches of these trees to end a war that lasted two millennia. Except that was a thousand years ago—before the first Long Night when the White Walkers first started stalking the earth.

The idea of an ice zombie mission creeping toward this mystic landmark may not entirely be a fantasy. The mysterious Green Men, who may or may not be related to the Children, guard the Isle of Faces and all its secrets that have only been whispered between the leaves of the weirwoods since the Children created the first White Walkers (in the most terrifying way possible, if you watched that episode). How the Children and the Walkers both live for thousands of years is also a mystery that could be explained by the phantoms of memory that still linger there. Could the Battle for Dawn, that first decisive battle during the first Long Night, have stained this island with blood?


Whether or not the Night King is psychic is unknown, but even if he’s no greenseer, he’s definitely ancient enough to know about the Isle of Faces and potentially about some of the secrets that haven’t left it since his kind were birthed from a blade of ice. If he does have the power to see backward through the centuries (which could be possible, since a vision enabled him to see Bran warging into a raven), he might know enough about the magic to bring the Seven Kingdoms and everything around them trembling to their foundations.

The show has remained secretive about the Gods Eye or the Isle of Faces, except for Tywin Lannister’s passing mention of it in Season 1, if you even picked that up. That might only mean the producers are hiding secrets of their own waiting to be unearthed.


The only other obstacle here is that he’s nowhere near the Gods Eye, but that shouldn’t be much of an issue with a flying ice dragon.

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