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George R.R. Martin 'back in Westeros,' promises he's finishing Game of Thrones book

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Dec 11, 2018, 12:10 PM EST

Game of Thrones and Nightflyers author George R.R. Martin has been quite candid with his struggles to complete (or even sit down and work on) the final two books in the A Song of Ice and Fire saga that kicked off one of the most popular shows of all time. He’s released histories, short stories, small sagas, and tangential tales, but no new novel in the series since 2011’s A Dance With Dragons.

But no more messing around: Martin is putting his nose to the grindstone and actually going to do it now. Definitely.

According to a new blog post, in the aftermath of Fire and Blood — the newly released history of House Targaryen — Martin is turning back to what fans are actually demanding: The Winds of Winter. “I know you want Winds, and I am going to give it to you,” Martin wrote, “but I am delighted that you stayed with me for this one as well.”

The author continued on to give an update about his future work. “Me, I am back in my fortress of solitude, and back in Westeros,” he wrote. “It won’t be tomorrow, and it won’t be next week, but you will get the end of A Song of Ice and Fire.”

“Meanwhile, you have the final season of Game of Thrones coming, and the new show that is not yet officially called The Long Night being cast, and a couple more shows still being scripted... and a few other cool things in the works as well. Winter is not the only thing that is coming.” OK, OK, George. We know that there are lots of projects happening in Westeros. But the diehard fans want to move forward.

While Game of Thrones’ April ending will give some closure to the series, book readers know that the saga isn’t truly over until Martin inks that final period. Which... anytime now, George.