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Game of Thrones gets an epic power ballad theme by pop legend Michael Bolton

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Aug 23, 2017

The velvety-smooth crooner Michael Bolton just leaped up a few notches on the geek barometer with this power ballad rendition of a '90s-style Game of Thrones historical drama opening credits.

Bolton, whose ancestry might be traced back to the notorious House Bolton clan, belts out an instant Honest Retro TV Themes classic for the funny folks at Screen Junkies, hoping to help score an Emmy nomination (seriously) for Honest Trailers in the Outstanding Short Form Variety Series category.

Gently poking fun at his trademark cheese factor, Bolton's showstopping performance sits on the Iron Throne of seductive musical intros and could quite possibly melt that epic Westerosi winter. If you could harness the power of this soul-stirring ballad, the Army of the Dead would have no chance, gigantic zombie dragon or not!