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Game of Thrones hotel moves winter indoors

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Jan 6, 2018

Now that the wall is down and White Walkers can go anywhere they want, Finland might be the perfect place for them to make a pit stop. The new Lapland Hotel SnowVillage, built entirely of ice and snow (but not, presumably, of fire) is bringing Game of Thrones to glorious, wintery life from now until April 8.

Lapland has a SnowVillage each year, and so the snow pros only needed one month to construct their castle of ice, which guests can visit  for just $18, or even actually sleep in for $200—if they don’t mind the chilling 23-degree temperature. Still, most die-hard fans will come for the dragon-shaped ice slide, the Braavosi Hall of Faces, and the Ice Throne, and if they really need a sauna, perhaps they can kickstart a DragonVillage.

Ice sculptors from Russia, Poland, Ukraine, and Latvia collaborated to create the Game of Thrones-themed suites, and the whole production was made in consort wih HBO Nordic. The hotel has 24 rooms, including 10 suites, and each one has its own individual Game of Thrones flair, from the direwolf sigil to a White Walker. It’s up to the guest to choose how stark they want the first thing they see in the morning to be. But since any part of the GOT universe should help fans while away the hours till the final season debuts in 2019, we expect legions to bundle up and enjoy the snow. 

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