Game of Thrones' Isaac Hempstead-Wright on Bran's major bombshell

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Dec 19, 2017, 5:22 PM EST

Will Bran Stark, a.k.a. the Three Eyed Raven, be bothered by a little incest among family members when it comes to winning the war against the Night King?

That was the question put recently by CinemaBlend to actor Isaac Hempstead-Wright, who plays the second son of the late Ned Stark and the recently anointed greenseer on Game of Thrones. Among the many dangling threads that left fans gasping for breath at the end of Season 7 were possibly the most shocking of all: that Jon (Kit Harington) was the legitimate heir to the Iron Throne and that Dany (Emilia Clarke) was his aunt, a realization made by Bran and Samwell Tarly (John Bradley) just as aunt and nephew, oblivious to the connection, were getting busy.

Although a younger Bran might have looked askance at such goings-on — he was, after all, tossed out of a tower and put into a coma by Jaime Lannister after spying Jamie and Cersei doing the deed together — Hempstead-Wright muses that the Bran/Raven of recent vintage might have a different perspective:

"I don't think it'll be such an issue for Bran because I think he takes quite an objective look at the world, and mainly all he's concerned with is whether people are getting killed and whether there are people lying. I don't think Bran's really sitting there judging whether having sex with your aunt is right or not. I don't think there's enough of a moral personality to Bran in that sense in that he sits there and passes judgment on what relationships are okay and who you love.

What will bother Bran more is the fact that it could end up being a very very tricky situation with this new queen and the person who's actually the king and they're in love. I think what actually bothers is not the actual act of the incest but more the fact that this is going to be very very dangerous."

Good point: there are bigger things to worry about right now, especially if both lovers think they should ascend the throne while the Night King is coming hard for everyone in reach. Like so many other characters on Game of Thrones, Bran may end up putting practical considerations ahead of moral ones — for now.

We don't have any concrete word yet on when the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones will premiere, but with filming underway now and slated to last until the summer, the betting money says an early 2019 arrival is most likely. How do you think Bran will deal with Jon and Dany's relationship? How will everyone, for that matter?