Game of Thrones' Jon Snow to hunt witches with Jeff Bridges

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Aug 29, 2019, 6:51 PM EDT (Updated)

Right now, we only know Kit Harington as the white-wolf-befriending, Valyrian-steel-swinging Brother of the Night's Watch Jon Snow, but it was only a matter of time before that changed. First he was cast in Warner Bros.' Arthur & Lancelot, and it now it seems he's landed a role in a witch-hunting flick alongside Oscar winner Jeff Bridges.

According to Variety, Harington is in "final negotiations" to join The Seventh Son, an adaptation of Joseph Delaney's young adult novel from Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures. It's the story of a teen who—because he's the seventh son of a seventh son—has the ability to see spirits and other such paranormal fun. To enhance his supernatural abilities, he begins to learn more about the world of magic from an old witch hunter, or "spook."

Bridges is signed on to play the spook, and Prince Caspian himself, Ben Barnes, is reportedly set to play the seventh son. Harington will join this fray as a former apprentice of Bridges' character. Mongol director Sergei Bodrov will helm the flick, with a script by Matt Greenberg (1408).

Arthur & Lancelot was supposed to be Harington's first major film role, but budget concerns put that project indefinitely on hold, so it looks like he'll make his big-screen debut in Seventh Son instead. Production will probably get rolling this spring, giving Harington just enough time to finish the flick before he has to report back to Game of Thrones to film season three. What that means for Arthur & Lancelot is still anybody's guess, but, at the very least, the wait for that flick just got a little longer.

(Variety via Collider)