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Game of Thrones Power Rankings Week 6: Team up or die

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Aug 21, 2017

SPOILER WARNING: May the Lord of Light shield ye from the Game of Thrones spoilers below.

With the season finale upon us (wait, how'd that happen?!), Game of Thrones isn't leaving a lot of gray area as to who holds the power at this point: The White Walkers. In "Beyond the Wall," we got another good look at the growing power of the undead, and now I can't really sleep. As such, it's truly time for the Great Houses to stop playing the top-spoke game and start working together as one Walker-crushing wheel. Will it happen? We shall see, but here's how the Power Rankings look, should their warring ways continue.

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1. The Army of the DeadLast week's No. 1 certainly loses power points for being laughably bad swimmers, light enough to carry, and able to be mowed down 10 at a time. And I don't care how tough they are, or how much higher ice they held, five fur-clad dudes should not be able to hold off an entire army. But all those detractors were pretty well evened out by the realization there are White-Walking polar bears in the mix, too. And we already knew the Night King is the baddest former man in or above all the Seven Kingdoms, but his ice spear skills make him all the more powerful, although why he wouldn't just throw a bunch of those at the island dwellers is beyond me. And regardless of how these poor swimmers were able to raise a several-ton creature from the murky, frozen depths, the Army of the Dead now has a zombie dragon ringer flying above them. But will this blue-eyed beauty still breath fire? Don't White Walkers hate fire? What are the rules here?

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2. House Targaryen – Poor Dany Dragon Rider. There's nothing harder than losing a child, especially when your babe is one of the only three dragons the world has seen in generations. And for what? To prove to Cersei there's an evil army marching south? We know from next week's preview that Dany's going to be showing off her strength before the meeting of the Queens; isn't that basically a join-or-die proposal anyway? So why do you need a wight to prove you're right, when might will do the same thing? Bad move, and now you're down a dragon, a Thoros, and a few unfortunate Sherpas. Although Dany's newly motivated, now that she's seen what she's up against, and that's vital to the cause of the living. If she can get Cersei to join her alliance, it will be the most powerful living force Westeros has ever known, but will it be enough to bury the Dead?      

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3. House Stark – Arya, stop it. Just cut it out right now. Yes, you're probably right: Sansa may be a little power-hungry, and perhaps a bit too into pretty dresses and pomp and circumstance and all that. But she's your sister, and you can't go scaring the Brienne out of her, because House Stark needs Brienne, and it needs you two working together. So yeah, call Sansa out on her b.s., but can't you just do so constructively, without so much creepiness? King Jon wouldn't want you two fighting, even if he did hear that Sansa may have sort of conspired with the Lannisters way back when; he knows that all this squabbling about the past isn't helping with the real fight ahead. Still, the Northern lords remain loyal, as do the Knights of the Vale for now (though why is anyone's guess), so the Starks barely cling to the 3 spot this week.

Game of Thrones Power Rankings

4. House Arryn – What is Littlefinger getting out of playing the Stark sisters against each other? First he sets Arya up to see the Cersei-dictated note that Sansa sent Rob. Then he tells Sansa that perhaps Brienne could help mediate between the two. Why? I can't figure it out, but then again, I'm not sniveling. Either way, he's still playing The Game, more cunningly than most, and the Knights of the Vale still ride at Littlefinger's command, so he remains a potent power.

Game of Thrones Power Rankings

5. House Lannister – Not a peep from the lions this week, which is good for them, because they needed the rest. Still, this ranking feels low to me, knowing that Cersei has time to plot. Underestimating Cersei is what leads to septs blowing up.

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6. House Greyjoy – Where oh where has our Euron disappeared to? Where's our sadistic villain this season? Yet again, we spent last episode without him; he's probably busy at sea having fun with new toy Yara. We do see a shot of the Iron Fleet in next week's preview, so perhaps he's still got a part to play. And we also catch a quick glimpse of someone washing up on shore in a small vessel, presumably Theon. But how could such a meek little reek upset the balance of Greyjoy power, what little of it the Great House barely holds at this point?

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