Game of Thrones preview images give us the Jon Snow moment we've been waiting for

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Jul 26, 2017

Winter is coming to Dragonstone. SPOILERS AHOY for Game of Thrones Season 7 so far!

In the next episode of Game of Thrones, the King in the North, Jon Snow, will arrive at the ancestral home of the Targaryens to meet the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen. Yes, the long-awaited meeting of these two fan-favorite characters is actually happening, after the events of last episode steered them toward each other at last.


In last week's "Stormborn" episode, Jon learned from Samwell Tarly, at the Citadel in his Maester training, that Dragonstone is built on Dragonglass -- a mountain of the stuff. That, of course, is one of the only things known to hurt and kill the White Walkers, so a mountain of it would come in awfully handy in the war to come. Then, like clockwork, the new king got a message from his old pal Tyrion Lannister, now serving as Hand of the Queen Daenerys, asking him to come meet her ... at Dragonstone. Where she has three fire-breathing dragons.

Of course, today's new publicity photos, which show Jon arriving on Dragonstone and Daenerys in her throne clearly receiving someone's arrival, don't actually show the two of them in the same image, because we gotta save something for the show. There's also no indication Jon will learn of his still-secret lineage and relation to this particular queen just yet. Jon Snow knows nothing ... about that parentage.

This occasion should also mark the reunion of Jon and Tyrion, who had some great "we're basically both bastards" banter waaaay back in Season 1, and the first meeting of Jon and Varys. Speaking of Varys, it looks like he'll have a chat with Melisandre, who still wants both Jon and Dany to defeat the winter and set stuff on fire, or something. Meanwhile back at Winterfell, Littlefinger is smiling, and that's never good news. Oh, that smug grin of his.

Check out all the images in the gallery below, and tune in to Game of Thrones, "The Queen's Justice," an ominous title if we've ever heard one, at 9 p.m. ET Sunday on HBO.

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