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Game of Thrones sneakers are coming... from Adidas

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Nov 8, 2018

If you’re going to outrun hordes of White Walkers or trek all the way to Dorne on foot, what you will absolutely need besides your wits and a sword is a pair of shoes that your feet will survive in.

Adidas has finally revealed some of the Game of Thrones Ultra Boost sneakers they have been teasing for months. Now that the long summer is over and winter is finally here, photos of the shoes have surfaced in Westeros and our own realm’s internet. The styles revealed so far are tributes to House Targaryen and the White Walkers, though that last one is probably more of a sacrifice to keep them from biting your head off.

House Targaryen comes in a black and red variant that embodies fire and blood, while the white and silver version is supposedly a nod to Daenerys’ pale hair, though you can’t help but suspect that maybe lover-nephew Jon Snow also had something to do with it. The White Walker (just that in itself is the coolest name ever for a sneaker) is supposed to be the same blue that freezes your blood when they stare you in the eyes.

While it's awesome that official GoT kicks actually exist, you really have to look up close to see that they actually hail from the Seven Kingdoms. Which is a bit of a shame. Both Targaryen styles have their House’s three-headed dragon sigil on the tongue as well as “Fire and Blood” on the heel tags and “House Targaryen” on the ends of the laces. The most obvious branding is on the soles.

But if you’re wearing sneakers based on Game of Thrones, wouldn’t you want the entire kingdom to know that?

The designs are subtle enough to reference the show without turning into costumes for your feet, but maybe it could be just a little more obvious that you have an allegiance to a clan of dragon tamers. Diehard GoT fans can’t say they don’t wish there were flames on the Targaryen ones and an actual ice design — or creepy eyes — on those White Walkers.

Also, where in the seven hells is House Stark?!

The black Targaryen style will be unleashed in January, with more to come in 2019. At least these will be out before the final season or The Winds of Winter.

(via Kotaku)

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