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Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner suggests Sansa becomes a warrior in the final season

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Jul 3, 2018, 11:36 AM EDT (Updated)

We still have about a year before the final season of Game of Thrones graces our television screens, and while HBO is getting insane about keeping spoilers from leaking, the stars are able to get tiny generalizations out to fans, allowing our minds to run wild. (You can't sabotage our minds, HBO!)

Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark, the Lady of Winterfell, recently told Gold Derby that she has always seen her character as a warrior — and frankly, who hasn't? She has been married or betrothed at least three times, two of which involved routine, brutal rapes, beatings, and other various abuses. But it sounds like Sansa may actually get to join in the battles in Season 8.

“I always saw something of a warrior in Sansa that I don’t think other people really saw,” Turner said. “I always had the feeling that she was learning and adapting, and at some point or another, it was going to manifest itself somehow, and she manifested it into being a warrior. It felt really satisfying when it happened, and I’m really happy where this storyline for her has ended up.”

If Turner is happy where her storyline ended, does that mean Sansa survives? Well, maybe not. As Turner continues in the interview:

"Everyone is coming together to fight the impending doom. There’s a lot of tension between these little groups, battling for what they think is right. It’s Game of Thrones, so it’s going to be bloodier and more death and more emotionally torturous than all the years before.”

Bloodier. More death. More emotional torture. After the Red Wedding, the Purple Wedding, the Battle of the Bastards, the White Walkers, sons killing fathers, fathers killing daughters, castration, rape, flensing, dismemberment, and death by molten gold being poured on your head, what more could be coming? That's a lot of brutality to look forward to.

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