Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Deadpool, Doctor Strange + 16 more nerdy adult coloring books to snag

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:21 AM EDT (Updated)

Luckily, I grew up in the glory days of coloring books in the '70s, coveting my deluxe 64-color box of Crayola crayons with the built-in sharpener and creating myriad mini masterpieces in 25-cent grocery store kids' books like The Jetsons, Disneyland, Batman, Bugs Bunny, Casper the Friendly Ghost and anything with dinosaurs or haunted houses inside.  So it's with bemused astonishment that I see the new explosion of interest in adult coloring books across all age groups, genres and abilities, a cultural phenomenon akin to the discovery of electricity and ice cubes!  I've known about the therapeutic virtues and relaxing satisfaction of coloring for decades, and I'm happy this simple activity has reached such a crescendo of rainbow-hued heights.   Here's a sweet sampling of geeky coloring books to poise beneath your fresh set of colored pencils, watercolor pens and magic markers.  

From Game of Thrones, Doctor Who and Harry Potter, to Deadpool, Star Wars and Doctor Strange, everyone's leaping on board this recent tidal wave of pop-culture creative canvasses.   Ready ... Set ... Color!

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