Game of Thrones casting news suggests a fan favorite's return

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Mar 9, 2015, 1:57 PM EDT

When Game of Thrones returns to HBO in April, it will bring its fifth season of sex, violence, plot twists and intrigues -- as well as the characters who have managed to escape author George R.R. Martin's bloody quill. But it looks as if we'll be reacquainting ourselves with at least one face we never expected to see again.

According to Watchers on the, actor Tom Wlaschiha appears in HBO's episode guide for the second episode of the season. And that may mean the return of fan favorite Jaqen H'ghar.

Game of Thrones

If you recall from all the way back in S2, Jaqen was captured and on his way to the Wall when Arya rescued him and two villains from a fire. Jaqen tells Arya he owes her three deaths, because "only death will pay for life." Instead of taking the third death, Arya tricks him into helping her escape Harrenhal.

Soon we learn that Jaqen, with his courtly manners, his strange way of speaking, and his excellence at murder, is no mere prisoner-turned-sellsword. He can change his face with the sweep of his hand, which, as we know from the books, makes him a Faceless Man - an assassin who worships death.


From what little we know of season 5, Arya is in Braavos, at the House of Black and White, where the Faceless Men (and women) are trained. Will she re-meet Jaqen? Watchers on the suggests that Wlaschiha will be taking on another role, the role of the Kindly Man who trains Arya in the ways of silent slaying.

But we have another conspiracy theory for you: Perhaps the person who trains her isn't the Kindly Man, but, in fact, Jaqen, who was also her season one dancing master Syrio Forel, and who will continue to shape Arya into someone strong enough to take (or take on) the Iron Throne?

A girl can dream.

(Via WatchersontheWall)